Daringbadi Hill SAtation

With fresh mountain air and the chill of winter breeze, Daringbadi is simply a place one should visit in the coming winter holidays. Well known as the “Kashmir of Odisha”, it is an ideal holiday place where winter is at its best.

A beautiful hill station situated about 135 kms from the tribal district Kandhamal, the place is indeed gifted with natural bounties with pine forests, coffee gardens and beautiful valleys. The routs running through Daringbadi was well known in the olden days as the Great Military Road.

Daringbadi is known as Odisha’s Kashmir, purely because of the mystic hills and the pleasant climate that prevails here all through the year. Located at an altitude of 915m above sea level Daringbadi is home to beautiful rainforests that house rare species of wild animals and birds. Due to the chill climate experienced here perennially, many tourists come here during the summer months to escape from the scorching heat waves of the sun. The coffee plantations that are found here are visual delights for the tourists. This is probably the only place in the state where the temperature dips to below zero degrees during winter seasons. During this cold weather, the dew on the grass turns into ice and transports the tourists to a completely different world altogether. All through the journey up the hill, tourists are treated with some of the most spell-bounding sceneries.

Major Attractions of the place Daringibadi
The place is surrounded with thick exclusive forest of pine trees and wild animals. The snowfall upon these trees in winter is the scene to watch. The view of this scene from the Watch Tower is unforgettable. One can also found Loamy Plantations of Coffee, Tea, Turmeric and Mustard in and around Daring Badi.

The way to Daring Badi from baliguda is full of Dense Forests dotted with Small hamlets of Tribes. The Kandhas with beautiful tattoos as their ornaments and their simplicity increases the beauty of this place. One can found many Christian churches out here also. The small Huts of the Knodhas surrounded with Mahula trees, Mustard plants and turmeric plants make the view not less than a picture scene.

The Lover’s Water Fall is another attraction to watch here.   One can get Mahua, a delicious drink prepared from the flowers of Mahula tree. But beware, too much intake of Mahua may lead to Unconsciousness.  It is an excellent place to stay here in Summer.

NearBy Places

 85 km from Phulbani. Otherwise known as Jagati, it has the temple of Lord Charisambhu Ananta Vishnu.

Buddhism was prevalent in Boudh in between 9th to 12th centuries. A place with a rich cultural heritage, Boudh was the center of various religious movements of the past. The Buddhist shrine where Lord Buddha is seated in Padmasana still stands as testimony to the historic past. Temples of Matangeswari and Hanuman are the added attractions of the place.

There is a Shakti temple dedicated to Barala Devi and has plenty to offer to the nature lover. It is a picnic spot.

37 km from Phulbani, the place has a pond where wild animals can be seen in considerable numbers during evenings.

 It is famous for congregation of shivalingas in a compact area with archeological importance.

 It is 15 km from Phulbani, a place of natural beauty having a charming waterfall on river Saluki falls from the height of 60 feet.

Puruna Katak
40 km from Phulbani, this place is famous for the temple of goddess Vairavee.

 It is 60 km from Phulbani, renowned for the leaning Shiva Temple of Lord Birupaksha on the river Brutunga and Leaning Trees on the river towards South.

Distance from Major Places
Kolkata 747K.M.
Delhi 1615.2K.M.
Bhubaneswar 250K.M.


The nearest railhead is Berhampur.

Daringbadi is about 50 kms from Balliguda, 100 kms from Phulbani, 211 kms from Bhubaneshwar, 127 kms from Berhampur.

Buses for Daringbadi are available from Bhubaneshwar, Berhampur, Phoolbani, Saroda, Baligudi, Taptapani, etc.

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