Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary

Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh. Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1981 with the primary aim to protect and help increasing the number of the great Indian bustard. The number of this majestic bird has been decreasing steadily over the years and now there seems only a few left.

Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh, along with Karera Wildlife Sanctuary, was one of the few places where these extremely rare birds could be seen. Now with few great Indian bustards left in Karera, the onus largely lies on Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary to protect these grand species from extinction. The future does not look bright for these majestic birds because with a steady decrease in their suitable habitat and continuous poaching, their numbers have gone down remarkably in the past few years. However, the officials of Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary work tirelessly to protect them. Because it now seems to be the only place where the bird can be possibly spotted in the wild,Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh is often referred to as the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary. A great number of migratory birds too come here in the period of November and stay here all through the winter.

Flora and Fauna

Flora: The variegated species of flora that are found in sanctuary are Khair, Murjan, Palash, Seja, Rayenja, Dhawada, Ghote, Bewag, Chaman, Salai, Heans and Katti.

Fauna: The variety of fauna that can be witnessed in sanctuary are Great Indian Bustard, Black Duck, Chital, Monkey, Wolf, Blue Bull, Wild Boar, Fox and Hyena.

Best time to visit: November to March is the best time to visit as many birds from various regions migrate to the sanctuary.

Accommodation: Tourists may cap in private hotels or in the hotels of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation at Gwalior and Shivpuri.

How to reach Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary:

Gwalior is the nearest city which is just 10 km away from the Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary. It has all the means of transportation facilitated.

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