Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary Kerala

The famous wildlife attractions in Idukki national park is colassal. From the main road, a smaller estate road leads you 5 km to the Rajamallay Checkpost, gateway to the Eravikulam National Park. After getting an entry ticket, one can walk along the road, keeping an eye open for the famous Tahr. The whole route is bedecked with wild flowers and green creepers, that provide a grand vista to the beholder. At one time, the tahr would be baited in the reserve with salt, but fortunately, they have now became so ubiquitous that their fearlessness has become a cause of concern for the forest department. The mere sight of terrestial orchids by the road and a couple of green imperial pigeon and emarald doves playing with them, is enough to transform a weary soul into an alcove of imagination. You might have to murmer "Paadasparsham kshsmaswa may" (forgive me for stepping on you) which is even better than to be attacked by blood-thirsty leeches that infest the dark and deep patches of the forest. Don't forget to visit the Interpretation Centre, which houses a small collection of wildlife exhibits, hundreds of photos and books of wild animals and plants. Take up Eravikulam National Park safari to see the most popular wildlife attractions of Kerala.

The Nilgiri Retreat

While on wildlife tours to Kerla, enjoy the popular Idukki wildlife sanctuary in Kerala India. Unfortunately, there are no dwelling facilities amid the greens at the Eravikulam-Rajamallay sanctuary. However visitors can find options to suit every budget at Munnar. One of the finest staying options is provided by Kerala Tourism at the Tea Country, located a kilometre from the city centre. It offers excellent four-star facilities including a health club and an ayurvedic massage centre. One can fly up to Kochi (155 km) and can get a taxi from the airport to reach Munnar. One can even drive Chinnar to Munnar (uphill) and enjoy the picturesque landscapes carpeted around. A motorable road is there up to Rajamallay, the park headquarter from where one needs to travel on foot for around 18 kms to reach the park gate. Rajamallay is at a distance of around 17 kms from Munnar town connected to many places in Kerala and Tamil Nadu by regular bus services. Otherwise, tourists can also ride a bus, which depart on every 15 mins from Thodupuzha's KSRTC bus stand. Do remember that picnicking is discouraged inside the reserve due to fear of pollution and consequent threat to wildlife. Littering, particularly of plastic articles, is strictly forbidden.

Wild Population of Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary
The sanctuary has a large variety of flora and fauna. Among the mammals, Elephants, Bison, Sambhar, Deer, Wild Dogs, Jungle Cats, Tiger, Wild Boar etc reptiles such as Cobra, Viper, Krait and a large number of non- poisonous snakes can be seen.

Jungle Fowl, Myna, Laughing Thrush, Black Bulbul, Peafowl, Woodpecker, Kingfisher etc also inhabit the place in large numbers.

How to Get There
Air : Kochi is the nearest airport.

Best time to visit

The period from October to June is suitable for visiting the area

How to get there
Air : The nearest Airport is at Kozhikode, 113 kms.

Rail : Thalassery is the nearest Railway Station, 35 kms

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