Honeymoon Places in India

Marriage is a heavenly union of two souls on the earth with blessings of elders. It is an amazing rendezvous of a man and his lady that persists till eternity. The initial days of marriage are crucial for any couple to evolve mutual understanding between the two of them, that pays off in future. Thereupon, it is extremely important for a newly wed couple to understand each other very well by spending some quality time together, far away from family and friends to sow the seeds of a firm relationship that lasts forever. It is ethereal to begin this new phase of life by celebrating moments of intimacy with your better-half at an exotic and romantic honeymoon destination to cherish, besides treasuring these memories for the lifetime.
There are numerous popular honeymoon destinations in the world. But, India is a country which stands out from the rest in terms of serene and romantic honeymoon holiday destinations, emulating the exquisite affluence of nature. Captivated by the charm of this country, people have enlisted India as one of the best honeymoon destinations across the globe.

The honeymoon destinations in India confine in themselves the picturesque and flamboyant colours of love which are reflected through the beauty of nature. Every aspect of natural elegance here is unique in itself but closely knit to complement the charismatic delicacy of a new relationship. India is a land of vivid kaleidoscopic and panoramic locations.

In East, you will find hills covered in mists and showers almost throughout the year. Southern India has beautiful beach locations and North is adorned with the heavenly bliss of nature. It is really tough to choose out of so many honeymoon destinations, when all are equally fascinating and filled with plethora of mosaic sensations.

Top Honeymoon Beach Destination

Those who are willing to make their honeymoon an experience to be remembered for lifetime must consider to have an exciting time in India's treasury of beach destinations. From Andaman & Nicobar to Lakshadweep and Kerala to Andhra Pradesh, India is filled with a fascinating range of beach lines.

Andaman and Nicobar
Daman Diu

These romantic destinations will entice you to enjoy the blend of sand and sea. The wide stretches of glistening golden and white sand beds running along the placid sea shores reflect the jubilant self of the Mother Nature. You can recline on the cold yet wet blanket of the sand near the shore with your partner and feel delighted in the joyful activities all around.

Top Honeymoon Hills Stations

Most of the couples prefer hill stations for their honeymoon holiday in India. The crispy cold weather, the verdant green surroundings and the alluring heights of the Himalayan ranges leave them spellbound. They enjoy a ride that winds through the spiraling turns of the mountains and adore the swift views of the hills wearing green garb all over. It is enthralling for many to take a cable car ride and explore the passing views of the picturesque landscapes dotted with greenery down below.

Mount Abu 
Leh - Ladakh 
Himachal Pradesh 

And if your are planning for a honeymoon trip to a hill station in winters then the joy of pleasure of spending time together with your spouse doubles up all by itself. The mountains covered with thick layers of snow shining in the rays of sun will tickle your senses and definitely make your moments with your better-half more sensuous. This would be a great time to snuggle in the comfort of your room and let the time fly.

Top Honeymoon wildlife Destinations

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that wildlife reserves are among the popular honeymoon destinations in India. The reason behind their popularity is quite simple. The wildlife reserves in India are absolutely different from each other on account of their geographical features and climatic conditions. As the landscapes are different and so the climes, you would come across rare species of birds, animals and even the vegetations in the wildlife parks. Some of the parks serve as homes to numerous endangered wildlife species too. While traveling around these exotic parks, you will see the innocent wildlife habitats spending time in the company of other animals. This special and endearing view will evoke the feeling of romance in you. You and your partner will be engrossed in the moments of innocent love and cherish this emotion

Ranthambore ( Rajasthan)
 Kanha National Park (Madhya Pradesh)
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary (Kerala) 
Jim Corbett National Park ( Uttaranchal)
Kaziranga National Park(Assam)

You can take your partner on a safari tour in the wildlife reserves in India to browse through its repository of lions, tigers, cheetahs, monkeys, chinkaras, one horned rhinoceros, rabbits, squirrels, nilgiris, herons and eagle among countless others. From sal, bamboo to neem, you would be crossing these and other plantations on your way to jungle. This will again be an experience of its own kind. Besides, some of the forests in India feature strikingly beautiful river channels and cascades as well. You can go for a boat ride with your beloved to explore the interiors or choose the picnic spots near the cascades to sit and admire the nature’s play. Some of the parks even have ancient landmarks enfolded within at somewhat deep ends to be explored.