Devikulam Hill Station

The hill station of Devikulam derives its name from the Devikulam Lake in the vicinity. Devikulam means lake (kulam) of the Goddess (Devi). Legend has it that Goddess Sita, consort of Lord Rama (an incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu) would bathe in the sparkling waters of this tranquil lake during their stay in the nearby forests. Hence the name. Devikulam Tours offer you he perfect opportunity to spend your vacation nestled close in the lap of Mother Nature.

Devikulam is located at an altitude of about 1000 meters from sea level and at a distance of 13km south west of Munnar, down the Munnar-Kumily Highway, SH 19. A small dreamy hill station in the Idukki district of Kerala, Devikulam can be reached by a sharp ascent along the mountainous path, 149 km (4 1/2 hours) from Kochi and 132 km (4 hours) from Kottayam. Devikulam is pleasant and cool through the summer months and chill by winter making it the ideal destination to escape the sweltering summers and the cozy retreat of winters.

Devikulam is testimony to Nature's luxuriant appeal and lucullan grace. Richly endowed with breathtaking scenic views, this quintessential locale reveals the many facets of nature's beauty. From melodious songbirds to ferocious wildlife; from glistening springs and lakes to tall gum and fruit trees; fragrant spices to stimulating tea, it seems Devikulam was bestowed with the best.

The Devikulam Lake, also known as the Sita Devi Lake, is a spot of unsurpassable scenic beauty. The sparkling crystal clear waters, the tall trees and flowering shrubs on the banks and the twittering songbirds make it an ideal picnic spot. Besides being sacred due to the legend involving Goddess Sita, the lake is famed to have immense therapeutic properties as well. This is because of the mineral water fountains and natural springs from which curative minerals gush forth with the water.

A visit to the sprawling tea and spice plantations in the region can be uplifting. The neatly trimmed rows of tea shrubs and the pepper, clove and cardamom rented air is not only a pleasure to the sight, but is also rejuvenating to the spirit.

You may wish to take a few excursions around Devikulam to the most fascinating of places. 50 km away is the famous Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary which houses some beautiful and some ferocious beasts such as elephants, sambars, leopards and gaurs and the highly endangered Grizzled Giant Squirrel and the Star Tortoise. A view of the graceful Thoovanam Falls on the river Chinnar makes a visit to the sanctuary worthwhile. Pallivasal Waterfalls and Mattupetty Lake are two other getaways, at a short distance from Devikulam and known for their sheer natural bounty.

Besides the pristine beauty of the region, the attraction that brings in many tourists to Devikulam is trout fishing. Besides the Nilgiris, anglers are afforded this pleasure only in Gravel Banks and Devikulam Lake of the Munnar hills. However it is important o note that you may require a permit before you wield the fishing rod. Also, live bait is not permitted in the Devikulam Lake. You may use artificial flies, spinners and lures. As you wrap up, you will need to record the day's catch with the local authorities.

Devikulam is a trekkers' paradise. The lush green landscape, the mountain trails and the verdant woods are simply irresistible to the adventurer. The clean, crisp mountain air, the red-blue gum trees, and the abundance of flora and fauna keep the trekker's interest alive and make such strenuous physical activity a pleasure indulgence.

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