Idukki Hill Station

Idukki, the beautiful hill station of Kerala derives its name from a Malayalam word 'idukku', which means narrow gorge. Idukki is known as the land of massive mountains, variegated valleys and splendid streams. Located in the southern portion of Kerala, Idukki offers diverse tourist attractions like hill ranges, mountain treks, spice plantations, virgin beauty of nature and wild life sanctuaries.

The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is the prime attraction of the hill town of Idukki. It is spread over an area of 70 sq km in the vicinity of the Arched Dam. The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is rich in green forest cover and vibrant flora and fauna. Tourist may easily spot animals like the elephant, bison, sambhar, deer etc. you may also find a wide variety of snakes and birds like the jungle foul, laughing thrush etc.

Very near to the hill station of Idukki, is another hill station called Peermade. Peermade was summer resort of the former Tranvancore rulers. Peermade is worthy of visit for its green grasslands, wonderful waterfalls and pleasant plantations of tea, coffee and rubber.

Thekkady is at a distance of almost 65 km from Idukki. The place is visited for unspoilt beauty of the nature and vast wildlife population. Thekkady is famous for the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary where you can find the artificial lakes, hills and plantations along with the fauna and avifauna. Trekking, elephant rides and boating can be indulged in while at Thekkady.

From Idukki, you may also visit the hill station of Munnar, which is at a distance of 70 km. The place has the beauty enhanced by the tea plantations, nice town planning, winding lanes and perfect climatic conditions.

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