Biligiri Hill Station

Journey to Biligiri Hills is a must for any person who wants to release his drudgery and stimulate his spirit by basking in the joy of natural glory. Located almost 120km from Mysore and 247kms from Bangalore, the picturesque Biligiri Hills are situated between the rivers Cauvery and Kapila. Biligiri signifies `white capped`, though the hills are hued in shimmering blue colours. Rising to a height of almost 5,091 ft above mean sea level, the hill extends from north to south for approximately sixteen kms. To the west, the lower hills are sheltered with wet deciduous forestry where elephants roam in abundance. The cheeping of the birds and the buzzing of the bees wake up the wildlife from their daily doze. A portion of Biligiri Hills is regarded sacred by Sholaga people. Sholaga people are the natives of Biligiri Hills. About five thousand Sholaga people reside in this area and practice hunting and shifting cultivation .In 1974 the region was declared as the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple (BRT) Wildlife Sanctuary. It encompasses a total area of approximately five hundred and forty kms above sea level. A simultaneous ban was imposed on shifting agriculture and hunting. In order that they were not completely estranged from their occupations, a small portion of land was allocated to them. Finally, they could carry on agricultural activities.

Climatic condition in Biligiri Hills is quite pleasant and clear, which attracts tourists from all over the country. If any one wants to seek enjoyment to its fullest, the time from November to March is ideal. Annual rainfall in the hill station is fifty cm.

Places of interests of Biligiri Hills:

The Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple (BRT) Wildlife Sanctuary The Biligirirangaswamy Temple
The Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple (BRT) Wildlife Sanctuary derives its name from the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple, located atop a hill, of primitive origin. Venkatesha, better known as Ranganatha is the principal deity.

Kanchikote is another place that deserves mentioning. These are remnants of an ancient fort constructed by `Gangaraja of Shivanasamudra`. In the areas close by, one finds ample scope of excursion. Mysore, the City of Palaces, is an ideal locale where tourists from Biligiri Hills can visit every now and then. Amba vilas, Jaganmohana palace, Lokaranjan Mahal and Crawford hill are some of the magnificent palaces which should not be missed.

Himavad Gopalaswamy Hills -
Himavad Gopalaswamy Hills in the district of Mysore is another place that is popularly visited by the Biligiri Hills` tourers. Lying in the lushly tracts of Western Ghats, it is a real tourist paradise. It is also a famous hill resort. People enjoy trekking here. The Gopalaswamy Temple lies at the hilltop and is a special attraction among tourists. This place of worship is dedicated to Lord Hoysala.

How to reach Biligiri Hills

By air -
Availing airways for Biligiri Hills is ideal for a person who is in a hurry. Closest airport is in Bangalore, almost 254 km away. One has to reach there via Mysore.

By Railway
By Railway People also get facilities of railway in order to reach Biligiri Hills. Mysore, lying almost ninety km away, is the nearest railway station. One can board trains to go to various places of the Karnataka state.

By Road -
Biligiri Hills also is connected to other places of India via roadways. Bangalore stretches up to a distance of nearly 254 km. Mysore is only ninety km from Biligiri Hills.

Accommodation in Biligiri Hills
For making the stay in Biligiri Hills really exhilarating, tourists are being provided with high-class accommodation. Tents and huts also have been built here, a fantastic strategy to pull in the crowd. There is also a huge bungalow, which facilitates accommodation of approximately fifteen tourists at a time. Interestingly the bungalow was a part of the property of the Maharaja of Mysore. BR Hills K Gudi is an example of a wildlife resort situated here

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