Tawang Hill Station

Tawang is located at an altitude of 3500 m above the sea level in Arunachal Pradesh. It covers the area of 2085 sq km and is surrounded by Tibet in the north, Bhutan in the southwest, Kameng in the east and is separated from the west by Sela ranges.

Tawang was at part of the Kingdom of Tibet during the medieval times. It was ruled by the local tribal rulers from time to time. It was declared as the off-limits area in 1873 AD. The area around Tawang was the reason of disagreement between India and China after the Independence of India in 1947. Tawang was invaded by the Chinese army in 1962 but they later withdrew.

Tawang is called by several names like the Beautiful Land of Monpas, the Hidden Paradise and land of Dawn-lit Mountains. The name Tawang probably has some bearing with the local surroundings. The local people believe that Merak Lama gave the name Tawang to this hill resort in the 17th century AD.

Tours to Tawang

Tawang - To See

Tawang has landscapes, history, religion and architecture to offer to its tourists. Tawang has countless monasteries and nunneries; up teem lakes, several waterfalls and hot water springs. The place is perfect for religious as well as adventure tourism amidst unexplored scenic beauty. Tawang Ganden Namgyal Lhaste, popularly known as the Tawang or Gompa Monastery, is a 400 years old Mahayana Sect Buddhist Monastery. It was built during the 17th century AD by Mera Lama, a contemporary of the 5th Lama. It is situated at a height of 3500 m near the Buddhist border. It is a place worth paying a visit because of the collection of huge scriptures, books, gold lettered Buddhist scriptures, images and tapestries. The Parkhang Hall of the monastery has the library with the rare hand-written and block-painted thankas or manuscripts of revered books like Tangun, Kangyur and Sungbhum. The 108 gold-embossed manuscripts of the 'Teaching of Lord Buddha' and 225 volumes of the explanations of Buddha's teachings covered with specially designed moth - proof silk adorned with paintings are the other rare works of Buddhist literature. The18 ft high gilded statue of the Buddha in the monastery complex is also worth watching. The festival of Torgya is held in the 11th Monpa month called the Dawa Chukchipah in the Tawang Monastery. A Craft Center here produces fine woolen carpets in various colorful designs.

Tours to Tawang Urqelling Monastery is the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama who is the only Indian to have risen to such a high position in Gelupka Sect of Buddhism so far. These monasteries along with several other monasteries and nunneries are visited by several tourist from all over the world all the year round. Tawang is popular haunt for several adventure sports. The rivers Tawang-Chu and Namjang-Chu are ideal for river-rafting activities. There is also an option for rock-climbing, paragliding, skating and other winter sport activities.

Tawang - Getting There

By Air: The nearest airport to Tawang is at Tezpur, Assam. There are daily flights of Indian Airlines, jet Airways and Sahara Airlines up to Guwahati.
By Rail: The nearest railhead to Tawang is at Rangapara, Assam.
By Road: The nearest bus station is at Bomdila. It is well connected with other towns by buses.

Tawang - Accommodation

There are several hotels and tourists lodge around Tawang, which are according to the budgets of the tourists.

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