Hornadu (Kannada: ಹೊರನಾಡು) is a Hindu holy locale and panchayat village located in Chickmagalur district, Karnataka, India. The deity at the Annapoorneshwari Temple at Hornadu is Annapurneshwari. The main deity of the goddess was put in place by Adi Shankaracharya; the new deity of goddess Annapurneshwari was consecrated in the temple in 1973.

Chickmagalur is a beautiful place because it has very well accommodated many graceful locates within its pouch and it also is amongst those splendid cities that are mostly explored by vacationers, holidaymakers, backpackers, explorers and discoverers. Horanadu can be truly remarked as a place with much importance for both the pilgrims as well as the spiritualists as they are concerned to visit such spiritual places and also for those who are a nature lover. Horanadu is a Hindu holy city located amidst beautiful Malnad (at a distance of 330 kilometer from Bengaluru) in Chickmagalur district in the Indian state of Kartnataka.

The divine idol of Sri Annapooreshwari devi is made up of very pure gold. This Annapooreshwari temple here has been restored and renamed as the Adi - Shaktyatmaka Shree Annapoorneshwari. Horanadu Annaporeshwari temple is located in the picturesque surroundings of the Western Ghats.
The especiality of this temple lies in the fact that anyone who visits this temple irrespective of their caste, religion, creed are fed with breakfast , lunch and dinner and are given space to sleep in temple premises. These facilities to the visitors is given by temple Board and Trust. Male followers of the goddess are required to put off their shirts and banians and probably cover their shoulders suing a shawl or towel in order to show their respect and humility in front of the goddess.

Horanadu  is a Hindu holy city in Chickmagalur district of Karnataka.  It is 330 km away from Bengaluru and lies amidst beautiful Malnad. It is 75 km away from Sringeri. Horanadu Tourism is a major destination because pilgrims come from all around the country to visit the various temples and monuments of religious importance.  It is mainly famous for a huge temple of Goddess Annapurneshwari which was constructed in 1973. Three course vegetarian meals are served to all pilgrims attending a ceremony in the Annapurneshwari temple. Usually people occupy Horanadu Hotels and Horanadu resorts to enjoy a peaceful time, so most of the places to stay are overbooked and people to book for places to stay in advance.

Horanadu Tourism location and Horanadu Weather

Horanadu weather is moderate throughout the year. Summers are quite hot and not suitable for visit. The temperature during summer is around 35oC.  Monsoon in the temple town extends between the months of August and October.  There is good rainfall during this time. The winter months are mild and the best time for the Horanadu tourism in which people find a difficult time getting a Horanadu Hotels booking due to the rush season..

Horanadu Weather is a bit humid but otherwise pleasant throughout the year. October to May is the best time to visit for Horanadu Tourism as Horanadu Weather is pleasant.

Horanadu Tourism and Means of Transportation:

· Horandu is approachable by road from nearby cities as there is well-planned network of roads. Chikmagalur is 100 kms, Sringeri 75 kms and Bangalore is 330 kms away from Horandu.

· Private Taxis and autorickshaws for Horanadu Sightseeing are easily available from various nearby cities.
·The nearest railway station is at Shimoga which is 45 km away.

·Nearest Airport is Mangalore which is 60.2 Kilometers from Horanadu and is connected to major Indian cities.

Horanadu Tourism, Horanadu Sightseeing and Things to Do While At Horanadu:
Horanadu  is a pilgrimage place for Hindus because of many temple and monuments. Horanadu Sightseeing places around include Kemmangundi Hill station, Sringeri Mutt, Belavadi Viranarayana Temple and Amrutheshwara temple at Amruthapura.
There are amusement parks, lakes and tourist spots in and around for Horandu sightseeing.

The Main Places Of Interest While Horanadu Sightseeing Is:

·Thalassery Fort
·St. Theresa’s Church
·St. George Fort
·Sri Ramaswamy Temple
·Pazhassi Dam
·Othenan’s Fort
·Muzhappilangad Beach
The Horanadu Resorts are located in the beauty of natural environment for people to enjoy the peace and natures company.

Horanadu Hotels and Horanadu Resorts of Your Choice:
There are not many Horanadu Hotels for travelers.  Some of the lodges found are:
Durgamba Lodge
Annapoorna Lodge
Padmashri Lodge

The food options available are limited and vegetarian food is served.
For any emergency the banks available while at Horanadu toriam are State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Canara Bank, Corporation Bank. The hospital nearest to Horanadu resorts are Ashraya Hospital in Chikmagalur.

How To Reach

Buses run almost daily from Bengaluru to Horanadu city. People who wish to come to this place can come from bus.
The nearest Airport is in Mangalore and railway station is in Shimoga.

Places To Visit

A big temple built at a distance of 12km from a place called Halebid. It was built by Kind Blddinga who converted to Hindu religion.

Another beautiful temple which is worth visiting.

Kalhatti Falls
Beautiful hills situated in Chandra Drona Hills and falling from 45m height, these falls are magnificent.

According to the historical beliefs of people they have firm belief that anyone who seeks the goddess’ blessings would never have any scarcity of food in life and will be blessed by her. There fall many other religious pilgrimage spots which must be visited before coming to Annapooreshwari temple. Some of them in order include Kukke Subramanya, Dharmasthala, Srinegri, Udupi-Krishna temple and Kolloru Mookaambike, Kalaeshwara temple and then comes the most famous and pious Annapooreshwari temple.

Weather And Best Time To Visit
The Horanadu city is all surrounded by dense forests and valleys which adds four moons in its beauty.  The environment here is so much peaceful and tranquil that anyone visiting this place gets lost in its peaceful and calm atmosphere. The climate here remains pleasant and cool throughout the year. Maximum temperature recorded is 30 degree Celsius and it remains around this only and the night temperature recorded is 19 degree Celsius. The place receives an average rainfall of 1990 millimeter where the eastern belt receives rainfall about 600 mm and western belt receives around 300 mm. The vegetation around this city is very diverse and includes following forests

Scrub type forest.

Moist Deciduous forest.

Semi-ever Green forest.

Ever green forest.

Thorny dry deciduous forest.

Language And Culture

Kanada, English and hindi are the most spoken languages over here.

Trip to Hornadu would be very adventurous and fun as it is a beautiful place. Dipped with enchanting and serene beautiful landscapes the city provides a complete shelter for the religious people too.

As far as the population of the city is concerned it is not too much accommodated with the people. The natural beauty and grace of this place it holds its spectators and force them to admire the never ending beauty of this place. People visiting here encounters complete hospitality which is rarely found anywhere and this marks the best reason to visit this place at least once in lifetime.

Annapoorneshwari temple - Horanadu, Karnataka                                                           

Annapoorani is the Goddess who provides nourishment to all.  The original temple dedicated to Goddess Annapoorani is at Kasi (Varanasi). She is depicted with a bowl of annam (food) in her left hand a ladle filled with food in her right hand.  Lord Siva is sometimes depicted with a bowl ready to receive food from Sakthi - Annapoorani.
This depiction does not mean that Siva has been humbled as a beggar and Sakthi is the powerful provider.  Hinduism is very symbolic.  Several basic truths are revealed in each picturisation.
Annapoorani is shown with a bowl in the left hand full of food and a laden spoon in the right hand.  The full bowl shows that she has abundant supply, but what is more significant is that she has a laden spoon showing that she is always willing and ever ready to serve.  

All natural flow of energy is from a higher level to a lower level.  The receiving hand of Siva is therefore shown lower, accepting the Sakthi for fruitful application. Also, the receiver should be aware of his needs to go and seek it at the right place.  The outstretched arms means he is ready to accept and the bowl indicates that he has the means to collect and store so that the Sakthi he receives will not be wasted.

When we say Brahma is the God of creation, Vishnu the God of protection and Siva the God of destruction, it does not really mean that Brahma is busy only when he initially creates the world and Vishnu only when he takes his avatars to protect or Siva only when he destroys at the end. There is no real beginning or end. The three forces are ever active, and ever present.  And when it is said Siva is the Lord of destruction, it means he is ready to destroy evil and the unwanted (not the destruction of the world), getting matter ready for the process of creation and in this job Siva and Sakthi work

hand in hand.  

Horanadu on the western ghats, situated 100 kms south-west of Chikmagalur, on the banks of the river Bhadra is a place of abundant natural beauty with thick vegetation.
The temple for Goddess Annapoorneshwari in Horanadu, Adi-Shaktyatmaka Shree Annapoorneshwari is believed to have been built originally by sage Agasthyar.  For the past 400 years, the temple is now being maintained by successive members of a family who have been instrumental in renovating the temple and performing the rites.  The Goddess Annapoorneshwari is seen in a standing posture on a peeta with Shanku, Chakra, Sri Chakra and Devi Gayathri in her four hands.

The uniqueness of this temple is everybody who visit this temple are provided with food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and place to sleep in the temple premises.

The Dharmakartharus - Sri D. Shankara Narayana Jois, D.S. Bhima Jois, D.B. Venkata Subba Jois,  2nd D.V.Bhima Jois, 2nd D.B.Venkata Subba Jois, D.V. Gajendra Prasanna Jois and G.Bheemeshwara Joshy (7th present Dharmakartharu in 2009). The 5th dharmakartharu late.D.B.Venkatasubba Jois renovated the temple according to sastras in 1962 and in 1973 Mahakumbhabhisheka was performed by his Holiness Shrimad Jagadhguru Shankaracharya Abhinava Vidyathirtha Mahaswamiji of Daksinamnaya Shringeri Sharadapeetam, Sringeri.  The 6th dharmakartharu Sri D.V.Gajendra Prasanna Jois constructed the navagraha temple in 1981 and established the latest steam cooking system, bathrooms, toilets, annachathra, drainage system in the village, "free brahmopanayana" every year, construction of rooms for pilgrims, labour colony providing free clothes to the temple employees and their family members during the car festival every year.

Pooja timings: Morning 6:30 am - 9:00 am ; Noon 11:00 am - 2:00 pm ; Evening 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm.

Accommodation is available and will be provided by the temple Trust to pilgrims if available.

Adi-Shaktyatmaka Shree Annapoorneshwari Temple
HORANADU, Chikmagalur District 577181

Locations nearby: Kemmangundi Hill station, Sringeri Mutt, Belavadi Viranarayana Temple, Amrutheshwara temple at Amruthapura.  

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