Javadi Hills

Javadi Hills are a range of hills, nestles in the district of Vellore in Tamil Nadu. Javadi hills lie in the northern part of the state of Tamil Nadu and are one of the largest hill stations of Eastern Ghats. The hills are spread across 80 km in terms of breadth and 32 km in terms of length with an elevtion of 4,000 m and are bisected by the two rivers Cheyyar and Agaram, which are the tributaries of the Palar.

The steep edges at the southeastern side are enveloped with sandalwood. The hills are meagerly populated and grains, legumes, and oilseeds are the chief crops of the region. The vegetation here is noted for its fruit bearing trait. The plays enjoys a pleasant weather throughout the year and the maximum temperature here experienced is 32 degree Celsius and minimum temperature experienced is 23 degree Celsius.

The pleasant climate and thick lush green forests adds to the sheer beauty of nature that has been bestowed upon Javadi Hills. The sapphire hills with the bluish gray granites provide an outstanding view of the scenic beauty of the region. Javadi Hills weather is pleasant throughout the year however, the best time to visit is March to May.

On an excursion in Tamil Nadu, you can also spot rural yet developed township in Jamanamarathur and it is one of the largest villages in the hills. There are other tourist attractions around Javadi Hills. Among them are the Beemanmadavu waterfalls and the Indian astronomer, Vainu Bappu selected the hills as the site of the Kavalur Observatory (VBO), which began its function in 1967.


Beemanmadavu Waterfall: This waterfall is located in dense forest and is 12 kms. from Jamanamarathur, which is 40 kms. from Polur. There is water in the fall, seven months a year. The bottom of the falls is ideal for taking a bath. Jamanamaruthur is the nearest big village near Javadi Hills.

Kavalur Observatory: The place was selected by Vainu Bapu, an Indian astronomer. This observatory started functioning from 1967. The telescope inside the premises is named as Vainu Bappu Telescope after the famous astronomer. It is the biggest telescope in Asia. This observatory is generally used for research. Situated in a hundred acre plot, the other guests apart from visitors and locals are deer, snakes and scorpions. This Observatory is owned and operated by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics.

Amrithi Forest: This is a place for the trekkers.

Yelagiri: It is a hill station and is 1410 metres above sea level. This place is a village located in the Javadi Hills. There are orchards, rose gardens and lovely green valleys.

Komutteri Lake: also known as the Kolappan Lake is the biggest one in the Javadi Hills. The surroundings of the lake are beautiful and there is a manmade island in the centre of the lake. This is a good place for picnics and boating.


Javadi Hills is 75 kms. from Thiruvannamalai. The nearest airport is in Chennai (206 kms.) The railway station is 54 kms. from the place at Katpadi. There is another railway station at Villupuram which is 60 kms. away. There are buses from Chennai, Thiruchirapalli (269 kms.) and Madurai (387 kms.) to this town. Accommodation is not available in this town but in Vellore (72 kms.). The roads are very good and local transport by way of buses and autorickshaws are available.  The people speak Tamil and English is a weak option. There are no shops in the Hill area and the nearest town is Vellore.

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