Karera Wildlife Sanctuary Madhya Pradesh

The Karera Wildlife Sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh is well scattered over an area that measures about 202 square kilometers with respect to the vast span of landscape it covers. It is situated at a distance of approximately 55 kilometers from the region named as Shivpuri.

The Karera Wildlife Sanctuary is indeed a bird-viewer's paradise as the sanctuary houses an entire caboodle of avian creatures that includes the extremely rare Indian Bustard which is facing the grave danger of being completely wiped out from the face of our planet. The Karera Wildlife Sanctuary is reckoned as one of the ultimate asylums for this marvelous bird.

This sanctuary houses an astounding three separate taxonomic categories of the scintillating creatures namely the Indian Bustard, the Bearded Bustard and the Colored Bustard. Other attractions at the Karera Wildlife Sanctuary are listed below:-
It provides shelter to an absolutely amazing 245 different species of birds like Teals, Herons, Indian Robins, Pintails and Gadwalls.

A large number of water birds like Egrets, Spoonbills and Black -Bellied River Terns are found here.

Migratory birds also seek institution in the Karera Wildlife Sanctuary as they flock together near the Dihaila Jheel inside the sanctuary's proximity almost every single year.

Except birds, as many as 2000 Black Bucks and a fairly large number of the Indian gazelle are also seen here.

The apt time to observe the majestic birds in their natural habitat here is from the month of November to the month of March. Binoculars and photography equipments are a must for the visitants. Closest railway station is Jhansi which is situated at a distance of 44 kilometers.

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