Ken Gharial Sanctuary

The Ken Gharial Sanctuary is one of the very limited number of sanctuaries in India that is sincerely dedicated to breeding programs and proper housing of Gharials, a cousin of the mighty crocodiles. They are sometimes referred to as 'Indian Gharials' or 'Gavials'. They are characterised by their exceedingly elongated and unbelievably slender snouts that invariably demarcates them from their evolutionary contemporaries, the crocodiles. The Ken Gharial Sanctuary is positioned at the rendezvous point of the twin rivers, namely, Ken and Khudar. Being positioned inside the premises of the Chattarpur district approximately 24 kilometers away from Khajuraho, it is a popular destination that is frequently visited by animal enthusiasts.

The Gharial, chief attraction of the Ken Gharial Sanctuary is a rare breed of reptiles. Although they share a common line of evolutionary descent with the crocodiles, they are deficient in the robust jaw power and sheer skull strength that is vested to the crocodiles. But on the other hand the Gharials are proficient in trapping down wee fishes and supple body movements that is rarely seen in crocodiles. The Gharials of this Madhya Pradesh sanctuary are recorded to have grown to an astounding length of 6 meters. Other species that can also be seen in the Ken Gharial Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh are mentioned below:-
Wild Boar
Blue Bull or Nilgai

By Air :
This Sanctuary lies in Chhatarpur/Panna district of Madhya Pradesh. Nearest airport for reaching Ken Gharial Sanctuary is Khajuraho airport. Distance from Khajuraho airport to Ken Gharial sanctuary is about 25kms. This journey is to done by taxi vehicle. We offer Khajuraho airport taxi service for visiting this site along with Khajuraho temples and Panna national park.

By Train:
Nearest railway station for reaching Ken Gharial Sanctuary is Satna station at a distance of 150kms/03:00hrs. It is located in south-east of sanctuary. Satna railway station have good train connectivity with cities and tourist destinations like Howrah, Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Gwalior, Gaya, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Katni, Nagpur etc. Second option is Jhansi railway station at a distance of 220kms in north-west direction. It is also a important railway station with good train connectivity. For further journey, we offer tourist taxi service.

By Road:
Ken Gharial reserve is close to Panna city and Khajuraho temples site. It is well connected by road and accessible by all kind of vehicles. Its nearby cities and towns are Panna city (30kms), Chhatarpur town (70kms), Satna (150km), Khajuraho town (20kms) etc. For visiting Ken gharial reserve by road, route goes via Khajuraho - Rajnagar and Panna city.

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