Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary

Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh is located in the vicinity of the famous Bandhavgarh national park. It has one of the richest wealth of varied flora and fauna in the whole of Madhya Pradesh. It is inhabited by a wide variety of animals and plants. Tigers are the main attractions of Madhya Pradesh's Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary. However jackals, wild dog, chital, sambhar, blue bull, porcupine and the amazing chausinghas are some of the other animals that inhabit in this forest. However, avid bird-lovers also have a lot to cheer about during their stay in Panpatha. A wide variety of birds live in the deep woods.

The terrain of Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary is low and flat unlike the hilly Bandhavgarh. However, it is the home for some of the most majestic trees. Huge and ancient sals share their space with great acacias. Mahua, saja, dhwanda, bel and khair are some of the other major trees of the area, not to speak of the bamboo and tendu groves who also add to the deep vegetation of the area.

Flora and Fauna                                                                      

Panpatha is rich in semi evergreen and deciduous forest that are ideal habitat for the many different species of wild plants and animals. The low lying plain of Panpatha is unlike any other hilly terrain that is a home for some of the most majestic trees along with huge Sals sharing space with acacias. Mahua, Saga, Dhwanda,  Bel and Khair are some of the other major trees of the area.The bamboo and tender groves which also add to the deep vegetation of this area.

Best time to visit : Anytime in a year is the best time to visit.

Accommodation : Tourists can avail accommodation in Khajuraho city

How to reach Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary:

Khajuraho is the nearest city which is 20 km away form the Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary, it is well connected with all means of transportation facilities to all major cities in India.

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