Valley of Flowers Hill Station - Valley of Flowers National Park

The valley of flower is located in the lap of West part of Himalayas. And is famous for its beauty of the Alpine Flowers which are very rarely found in the rest part of the country.

The place is also regarded as the one in the UNESCO World Network Of Biosphere Reserve(2004).
Valley of flowers is situated in the lap of the great Himalayan Range. It is a national park which come under the umbrella of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. This beautiful colourful place was been discovered by Franks S. Smythe and R.L. Holdsworth. And was accepted as a national park in the yea 1982.

This majestic park is located at a distance of 505km from Delhi and is situated in Bhyundar Valley. This park is laid at an altitude of 3685mts. This place also beholds n it the scenic waterfall and is even diverse in its own way especially in terms of flora and fauna. This place has always attracted nature and adventure lovers and tourists.

The place is inhabited by the Ghangaria tribe and is situated at a distance of 13kms from Govindghat. The place is also a residence of 500 species of flowers and hence takes the name the Valley of Flowers.

Time to Visit the Valley of Flowers

The place is open for tourist in the month of July to October. And the best time to visit the place is in August and September . as its the time when flower blooms the most.

May : The place can be visited at this time of the year and the visitors can experience the slow melting of snow with a slight decrease in temperature. And even the there is a little amount of rain in this season.

June August
As the place is near by the Hemkund Shahib hence experiences a huge mob of devotees from all over the country. This is the reason why this is the most expensive month of the year when the costs of everything increases. Small buds can be spotted at this time.

The autumn season and the best of all when all the flowers have fully occupied the valley and have made it clean and green. The fragrance of the flower fill in the place with immense energy.
Time to Visit the Valley of Flowers

Hotels in Valley of Flowers

There are a number of hotels and resort that occupy the place some of which are:
Devlok Ghangaria
Sri Nanda Lokpal palace

Places to See

Hemkund Sahib
The lake of snow as commonly called as is the residence of the tenth guru of Sikhs, the renowned Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The place is called so as the water in the feets of Hemkund Sahib is filled with Snow. The place is located at an altitude of 4329mts.This gurudwara is beautiful and is carved in a shape of a star.

It is the place where the Ghangaria tribe resided.and is placed at an elevation of 3050mts. This is also the starting point of trekking for various regions of the district.

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