Yana Hill Station

Yana is a quiet hill station among the evergreen forest of Sahyadri mountains. Yana is only 25 kilometers from Kumta, a small coastal town and 40 kilometers from Sirsi. The region offers spectacular scenic beauty; lofty mountains, splendid rock formations, trickling waterfalls and a holy temple. The hill station is often frequented by tourists who like to gaze at Bhariraveswara Shikhara that stands 120 meters high. Another beautiful peak is the Mohini Shikhara that is ninety meters from base. These looming peaks are spectacular structures that have attained dimensions roughened through weathering turning into a photographer's delight.

Planning your trip to Yana hill station can be exciting experience. You can take the Sirsi-Kumta road, through the Janmane ghat which is 15 km from Sirsi and the Devimane ghat that is 35 km. Below the Devimane ghat you will come across a mud path that will lead you to the Yana village which is about 14 kilometers from there. The road being not metallic it is best traveling in an appropriate vehicle as no buses ply there either.

The Yana temple which is a well-known pilgrim spot, is about 2 kms trek from the Yana village. Part of the reserved forests of Shimoga district, Yana temple can be reached through the dense evergreen forest. The temple is built below rocky cliffs that provide a beautiful view. The path leading to the village continues about 3 kms beyond the temple through the dense evergreen forest.

A cave that measures about 3 meters in the entrance has a Shiva Linga in it. Devotees in large numbers offer prayers here. Water trickles from the rocks above on the Shiva Linga which the devotees call Gangodbhava. A bronzed statue of 'Chandika' an incarnation of Goddess Durga is also found here. Trickling water from the rocks form a small river called 'Chandihole' that joins the Aghanashini River at Uppinapattana.

The Bhairaveshwara peak is about 120 meters and the Mohini peak is about 90 meters from its base. These two peaks are solid composition of black crystalline limestone.

As per the mythology, Lord Vishnu (as Mohini) killed an evil demon, Basmasura at this place.

A cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is found at the base of the Bhairaveshwara shikhara. Water drips from the projecting rocks over the Shiva linga, and people call this water as Gangodbhava.

The idol of Goddess Parvathis is found at the base of the Mohini Shikara.

Yana hill station has its own rustic charm that appeals the tourists. Travelers in large numbers trek along the village path to view the spectacular rock formations.

Attraction of Yana:

​Vibhuti Falls: The initial place for voyagers is Vibhuti falls located in Uttar Kannada region. The average height of water fall is 30 feet and surrounding is covered by dense forests, wild flowers and bamboo groves. People believe the place is named from its limestone rock. To reach this waterfall you have to walk through narrow path of 2 Kms. The excitement level increases when you walk through dense forest which contains lots of wild animals as well. However, forest department is there to protect the voyagers from any danger so move safely and enjoy the nature with beautiful waterfall.

​Yana Caves: Next destination of Yana is caves and the temple. The caves are deep with 3 meters located closer to Sahyadri Mountain Range. It is exciting place for trekking so voyagers who love adventure must visit the spot. The temple of Lord Shiva is available for you. Take blessings of self-made Shiva Ling located inside the temple known as Gangodbhava. Caves area is famous for rock formations, hills and waterfalls as well.

​Bhairaveshwara Temple: A shrine that is also a Cave Temple of Yana village. Idol of Lord Bhairaveshwara is incarnation of God Shiva. You have to reach foothills of Bhairaveshwara Shikhara for the temple. ​Maha Shivaratri is the major festival in Yana when people from around the world reach here.

​Some tourist spots closer to Yana are
 Kumta (only 32 Km), Sirsi (only 54 Km), Gokarna (57 Km), Siddapur (only 68 Km), Murudeshwar (only 77 Km) and  Banavasi (only 78 Km).

Attaining to Yana: If you are coming from Pune then you have to cover the distance of 586 kms, though Hyderabad is 660 km away, Mumbai is 751 km far and Chennai is 816 km distant.

Where to stay?
There is no accommodation at Yana. It is suggested to stay at Kumta or Sirsi.

Distances from Yana
Kumta: 25 km
Sirsi: 40 km
Bangalore: 500 km

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Dabolim (Goa): 210 km

Nearest Railhead: Kumta

Road: One has to walk about 5 km from a place called "Vaddi Cross" near Sirsi to reach Yana

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