Parwanoo Hill Station

Once a sleepy little hamlet, the beautiful hill station of Parwanoo is today a major center of activities of tourism in Himachal Pradesh. A bustling town with several industrial activities growing up today, Parwanoo is today one of the most important influences in Himachal Pradesh. Snow clad for the major part of the year, a tour to Parwanoo is an escape into nature where almost every aspect of the natural surroundings of the region has a story to narrate. Adding an even special touch to the surroundings of this beautiful are the various orchards and fruit farms of Parwanoo which are the leading influences in the process of industrialization of Parwanoo.

While on a trip to Parwanoo make sure you visit some of the most important tourist destinations of Parwanoo, which includes:

How To Reach

Renuka (132-km)
Dagshai (28-km)
Subathu (16-km)
Pinjore (10-km)
Kasauli (37-km)

By Air :- The nearest airport to Parwanoo is at Chandigarh, located around 22 kms away from Parwanoo.

By Rail :- The nearest railway station to Parwanoo is at Kalka, located around 4 kms away from Parwanoo. The station is well-connected to Parwanoo as well as the other railway stations of India.

By Road :- Well connected to major cities of India such as Amritsar, Chandigarh, Delhi and Manali by a network of well- maintained roads, reaching Parwanoo by road is one of the easiest ways of reaching the town.

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