Honeymoon in Ranthambore wildlife

Couples with a love of flora and fauna take a plunge to spend some tender moments to know this wildlife reserve in its vibrant hues. Replete with a great variety of wildlife, Ranthambore honeymoon is highly sought after among guests who seek to induct some adventure in their romantic journey. This wildlife park seems to be in synchrony with the nature and offers a breather to the guests who want to break the monotony of the couples who are tired of visiting conventional honeymoon destinations.

This famous hunting ground of Maharajas of Jaipur is tucked between the two mountain ranges Aravali and Vindhyan range of mountains. This national park is highly acclaimed for its tigers and often identified as a tiger reserve. Honeymoon in Ranthambore teaches you to keep holding the hands of each other even when the road is uphill and terrain is uneven.

Ranthambore is well known not only in India but also internationally as one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in India. Honeymoon in Ranthambore will surely break the monotony of beaches, hill stations and historical cities, as you will get a chance to encounter the beasts in their natural habitat. This brings a different kind of a charm in the honeymoon tour. Once the famous hunting area of the Maharajas of Jaipur and is nestled between the Aravali Hills and Vindhyan Plateau in Rajasthan.

Embark on an adventurous journey holding each other's hands on Honeymoon in Ranthambore. On the way to the park, you will spot Bats, Cats, Civets, Deer, Flying Foxes, Gazelles, Indian Hare, Jackals, Leopards, Mongooses, Monkeys, Nilgai, Porcupines, Sloth Bears, Tigers and Wild Boars. The chirpy birds residing in the park are the eagles, graylag goose, jacanas, owls, partridge, peafowls, pintails, quails and storks. Beside the wildlife population, you can visit the Ranthambore Fort and Jogi Mahal on Honeymoon in Ranthambore.

An added attraction of Honeymoon in Ranthambore is the extended tour to nearby places. So, get the maximum of fun, adventure and quality time together while going on excursion to Sawai Madhopur, Karauli, Bundi, Kota Tonk, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Agra and Delhi on Honeymoon in Ranthambore. Half the fun of Honeymoon in Ranthambore is the adventure tour to the national park and the other half is shopping. Here, you will find trademark objects such as T-shirts, postcards and greeting cards with photos of tigers and other wild beasts and birds on them to carry back as souvenirs. You might also be interested in purchasing local fabrics, traditionally embroidered Rajasthani turbans, puppets and other ethnic handicraft.

Honeymoon Attraction in Ranthambore National park

Enjoy Scenic Beauty of Nature

Honeymoon in Ranthambore National park offers you an amazing opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature like dense forests, rich flora and funa thats never fails to make you hipnotize.

Enjoy the Exotic Wildlife Jungle Safari

Honeymoon in Ranthambore National park offers you a wonderfull opportunity to explore the jungles and enjoy the exotic wildlife jungle safari with you soulmate in wildlife sanctuary and see different species of birds and animals in their nature home. Enjoy your safari in green paradise and you will be hypnotizing with the varity of animals like Tigers, Leopards, Striped Hyenas, Sambar deer, Chital, Nilgai, Common langurs, Macaques, Jackals, Jungle cats, Caracals, Sloth bears, Black bucks, Rufoustailed Hare, Indian Wild Boar, Chinkara, Common Palm Civets or Toddy cat, Coomon Yellow Bats, Desert Cats, Fivestriped Palm Squirels, Indian False Vampires, Indian Flying Foxes, Indian Porcupines, Indian Mole Rats, Indian Gerbilles, Longeared Hedgehogs, Ratels, Small Indian Civets, Small Indian Mongoose, and Common mongoose.

Enjoy to Spot Wild Birds

There are 272 species of birds inhabited in Ranthambore. It would be a life time memorable experience to spot different species of birds on Honeymoon in Ranthambore.The resident and migratory birds that you can spot on Honeymoon in Ranthambore National park are the eagles, graylag goose, jacanas, owls, partridge, peafowls, pintails, quails and storks. the best locations to watch birds at, and from, are Malik Talao, the Ranthambore Fort, Rajbagh Talao, Padam Talao and in the Jhalra area.

Ranthambore Fort

Honeymoon in Ranthambore National park offers you a wonderfull opportunity to explore the Ranthambore Fort. The Ranthambore Fort has witnesses quiet a lot interesting, tragic, happy, glorious and hair- raising moments during its long history. The fort was attacked by a number of big powers at different point of time in history. The fort's history also states that in the 14th century, around thousands of women committed jauhar or mass suicide to escape the humiliation at the hands of invading army. Attractions inside the Ranthambore Fort include Toran Dwar, Mahadeo Chhatri, Sameton Ki Haveli, 32 pillared Chhatri and a Mosque.


Bakuala is one of the coolest and thickly forested regions of Ranthambore National park having dense forest, with many small pools and water holes in clearings in the vegetation. Because of the outstanding forest cover and availability of water, the Bakaula region in Ranthambore National Park has an abundance of wildlife. Honeymoon in Ranthambore National park offers you a wonderfull opportunity to spot Tigresses with young cubs near the water holes in Bakaula.as well as many birds can be seen in the trees and small animals like squirrels and monkeys rushing through the forest.

Padam Talao

On Honeymoon in Ranthambore National park enjoy the beautifull stunning sight of Padam Talao lake. The fabulous and beautiful Jogi Mahal is located at the very edge of this stunning lake. When in season, the water lilies that give the lake it's name, can be seen in abundance. In the early hours of the morning and just before sunset, animals can be seen in large numbers on the lake side.

For Outing

For outing options from here on Honeymoon in Ranthambore National park, you can go to Sawai Madhopur situated 11 km from Ranthambore. Once the center of attraction of the Rajput rulers, the village still has many historic legends attached to it. Also you can go to Karauli, Bundi, Kota Tonk, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Agra and Delhi on Honeymoon in Ranthambore.

Shopping in Ranthambore National park

On Honeymoon in Ranthambore National park you look for traditional hand made ethnic handicrafts, traditionally embroidered Rajasthani Safas, colourfull local fabrics, puppets as well as trademark objects such as T-shirts, postcards and greeting cards with photos of tigers, wild animals and birds for your family and friends.

Best Time to visit

Best Time to visit Ranthambore National park will be from 1st October to 30th June. Rest of the Time Ranthambore National Park is closed for the Visitors. Ideal time to visit Ranthambore National park will be February to April as temperature is mild and you can enjoy sightseeing as well as you get better chance to see the wild animals and birds near the waterholes and ponds at best during these months.

How to reach Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is located in Rajasthan India and is a short distance of 11 Km from Sawai Madhopur town. Sawai Madhopur is connected to other cities in Rajasthan by rail and road. You can travel to Sawai Madhopur by train, Bus. cars or taxis.

By Air

Jaipur is the nearest airport having direct flight connectivity with Delhi & Mumbai. Jaipur is located at a distance of 140 Km from Ranthambore. To reach Ranthambore National Park by air, one has to land at the nearest Jaipur Airport and continue his journey towards the Sawai Madhopur town by bus or train.

By Rail

Nearest Railway Station for Ranthambore National Park is Sawai Madhopur ( 11 Km) which is well connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and other cities of Rajasthan. You can travel to Sawai Madhopur by train and then cover the remaining 11 Km to Ranthambore by taxi.

By Road

The distance from Delhi via Dosa is about 480 km and from Jaipur via Tonk the distance is 180 km. You can easily travel to Ranthambore by road from anywhere in Rajasthan. Both the Rajasthan Tourism Department and many private operators run road transport services to Ranthambore. Local buses, luxury coaches or private taxis are run regularly to Ranthambore National Park.

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