Shimla Hill Station

Shimla hill station is still the colonial summer capital (resort) to which British used to retreat in when heat of Indio-Gangetic plains used to become unbearable. Be it grey-stone work of Vice Regal Lodge, or Gaiety Theatre putting neo-gothic architectural excellence, the beauty of building seem to come alive and not only staying in eyes of beholder. The Elizabethan style mixed and merged with different other forms in buildings like Ellerslie, Christ Church, Gorton Castle, Wood Ville, etc are a must-see.

Spirits of that past attracts enthusiasts from India as well as abroad when this hill city has been made capital of state of Himachal Pradesh after India got its Independence. However, this is not the sole reason for why to come to Shimla. Smooth slopes of Snow-draped mountain peaks are absolute invitation to the skiers by spirit or profession. While camping and trekking trips, doing yoga facing the mild rays of waking sun might become the other reason. And this list is sure to go long, once tourists get to know what all they could do to make best time in Shimla.

The way it is nestled at a maximum altitude of 2200 m in the foothill of Himalayas, traveling Shimla is a perfect course to get to view this heaven in summer; and also in winter that brings a different glory altogether.

Named after Shyamala Devi, an incarnation of Goddess Kali, Shimla has emerged as a well developed city. Yet, the touch of Nature could be felt everywhere one goes too. The beauty of hill could be summarized by uttering the name of this place. It is no wonder why film Industry took to this city when shooting for some place abroad. Shimla tourism encompasses a complete experience, where entertainment, culture, sights like British architecture reminiscent of colonial era, temples and palaces could be spotted interspersed on its landscape.

Places of Interests                                                                                                                             
The Mall : The mall is the most happening place of Shimla, as several of its restaurants and bars act favourite meeting point of the town. Besides it is also the biggest shopping centre of Shimla.

Summer Hill : Lying at the height of 6500 Feets, Summer Hill has a very beautiful natural environ which fascinates nature lovers. Mahatma Gandhi, during his Shimla visit, lived at Summer Hill.

Christ Church : The second oldest church in North India, Christ Church is quite magnifient in its looks as well as importance. A visit to this Church is inevitable for tourist visiting Shimla.

Jakhu hill : At the height of 8,000 feets, Jakhu Hill is the highest hill of Shimla. The hill gives a very pleasing view of snow capped Himalayan hills. Atop there is a small temple of lord Hanuman.

Annandale : Better called as Playground Of Shimla, Annandale is at the height of 6100 Ft. Being a favorite picnic spot, the playing ground of Annandale is also favourite among Polo and Cricket players.

Kufri : Along with being one of the best place in the country to enjoy Skiing, Kufri (16 km from Shimla) is also one of the most favourite picnic spots. You can also enjoy horse riding at this place.

Eco attraction/Eco excursion
The best of all hills resorts, Shimla with its numerous of Himalayan hills view is cluttered with abundance of natural sightseeing spots having greater possibilities of winning heart of nature lovers.

Home to the seven hills, the whole town is shrouded by the beautiful Himalayan peaks, making climate of the whole hill station quite panoramic. Elysium and Jakhoo hills make one avail the best possible view of whole of the hill station. Taking lifts to the mall from the cart road, though costs one Rs. 5 only, but gives one a lucrative escape from the usual crowd of the regular way.

A short 15 minutes climb from Boileauganj to Kamna Devi temple leads one to enjoy the rendezvous with rich greenery and abundant of natural beauty that Shimla proudly Boasts of. Reaching to observatory hill, now called as Indian Institute Of Advanced Studies, takes one to pass through breathtaking Oak and Rhododendron forest. On the Inverarm and Bantony hills is The Hotel Grand, which was once the residence of governor general William Bentinct.

Kufri (16 km), inviting winter sports lovers from around the world, is just close to Shimla. Giving tourists the ultimate joy of Skiing. Chail (45 km), another small hill station of Himachal Pradesh, is also just one hour drive form Shimla. Driving to these locations is another joy for adventure lovers, as they are welcomed now and then by the sharp turns and diversions. As Shimla itself has open air ice-skating club, it invites adventure lovers to enjoy it utmost.

Reaching there                                                                                                                                     

By Air : Jubbarhatti airport is just 30 km from Shimla, taking approx 1 hour to reach. Taxi can be hired from airport to Shimla taking Rs. 400-500.

By Rail : The nearest main railhead is Kalka (92 km), which takes approx 3 hours to reach Shimla. Kalka Express (Howrah-Kalka via Delhi) is the best way for tourists coming from Delhi and Kolkata. Local bus or taxi can be hired from railway station for Shimla.

By Road : Excellent roads make one's journey very pleasing and exciting. The best way to go to Shimla from Delhi is catching bus at 7 pm, which ply from Mandi House. 

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