5 amazing bachelor party destinations in India

Movies have shown us that if you want to go on that perfect bachelor trip with your friends before you get hitched, it will have to be a place like Las Vegas, Thailand, or Spain. However, you would be surprised that there is a whole bunch of places in India where you can have some unadulterated bachelor fun without it costing you a bomb. We list down 5 such places capable of proving to be the perfect bachelor party spot for your friends and you.
It’s not for nothing that Goa is known as the party capital of India. The food, the music, and the people from across the globe all willing to make new friends and have a great time is what makes this India’s number one choice for a naughty bachelor trip. From beach shacks where you can just chill with a beer and some sea-food to beaches where there are no strict rules about nudity, Goa has it all making it a great choice for a spicy bachelor party destination.
The Om beach, despite being extremely famous with all age groups, attracts more bachelors than families. The ambiance of the beach and the famous Namaste lodge appeals more to bachelors as it has the right balance of ‘quiet’ and ‘hip’ making it a great place to celebrate the last few days of your singlehood.
After marriage, chances are that your spouse might not let you do some of the adventurous activities you have on your mind. So, bachelorhood is a great time to experience some crazy adventures with your friends. Solang in Jammu and Kashmir is a great choice for this as it offers several activities from paragliding to skiing. The tiring activities can then be followed by a party with dance and drinks. The weather here also makes it a great place to breathe in your last few moments as a free soul.
There is a pleasure involved in biking that is often understood only by bachelors. If bike trips appeal to you, then you must take a motorbike trip from Manali to Leh. Offering one of the best routes to ride in the world, this magnetic highway stretches over 475 kms and is a paradise for biking enthusiasts. Anybody who has ever taken this trip will vouch that it will be the most memorable ride of your life. Once you are hitched, you might become more of a car person so why not try this out while there is still time?
Roopkund lake:
Treks can be very exciting. A trek to the frozen Roopkund Lake in the Garhwal region of Uttaranchal and perched at 5000m starts from Loharjung that stands at 3200m. Mention this to your spouse and she might come up with several other “romantic” places you can go to instead. However, mention this to your bachelor friends and they will be jumping with joy figuring out the best time to leave. Moreover, at such a high altitude away from your city life, you can get the much-required time for yourself to reflect upon the your past and gear up for your future.
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