Devikulam, Munnar:

The town of Devikulam is situated 1800 metres above sea level and lies approximately 9 kms from Munnar. It offers a picturesque view of Pallivasal waterfalls surrounded by the Sita Devi Lake. Legend has it that Goddess Sita bathed in the lake of Devikulam and hence the place was named after her.
Devikulam is derived from the two words, devi that means ‘goddess’ and kulam that refers to ‘lake’ or ‘pond’. This ‘Lake of Goddess’ is frequented by devotees and is considered to have holy water. Devikulam is a definite place for spiritual and physical rejuvenation.

The hill station of Devikulam is surrounded by flora and fauna. Wildlife like elephants, sambars, leopards, and gaurs can be viewed at the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary located near Devikulam. Ganesh Temple, Mariamman Temple and Ayyanar Temple located in Devikulam serve as a retreat to all worshippers. The Marayoor sandal forest adds a scenic beauty to the hill station and gives a mesmerizing experience to all nature lovers.

Rock climbing, fishing, trekking and hiking are some adventure activities that can be experienced at this exotic location. The excitement to the excursion is added by the Mattupetty Lake which is nestled in the tea estates situated near Devikulam.

Art lovers can witness “Kolam” which is the practice of sand painting using rice powder. This practice is done by women every morning at Devikulam.

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