Toranmal Hill Station

Toranmal is the second coolest hill station of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is located at an altitude of 1461 m above mean sea level on the Satpura Hill ranges. Toranmal is 510 kms from the state capital Mumbai and 76 kms from the district headquarters of Nandurbar. Toranmal is a nature’s paradise where nature is at its perfect best. The hill station is adorned with beautiful cascading mountains, lush green deep valleys, waterfalls, caves, lakes, flora of different kind, view points, religious places and much more. The hill station is fast gaining as a major tourist destination. It is one of the most tranquil and serene hill stations anywhere and the right place to take a break from the fuzzy life of the cities.

Tourist attractions in Toranmal                                                                                                     

The hill station has temples, lakes and waterfalls. One can see ruins of broken sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses believed to be centuries old.

Gorakhnath Temple

Toranmal is attracted by Hindu devotees to the Gorakhnath Temple especially on Maha Shivaratri where a fair is held. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, a grand procession is carried out to Gorakhnath temple on this day. The Nagarjun temple is yet another temple which devotees are attached to.

Yashwant Lake

Spreads over 1.59 square km, it has a depth of 27 m. Located at the southern part of the plateau, it is a naturally formed lake, known for their scenic beauty. This lake is named after Yashwantrao Chavan, Maharashtra’s former chief minister, who traveled on a horse back to this hill station. Surrounded with rich flora and fauna, one can enjoy boating and fishing at Yashwant Lake. An hour-long ride on a pedal-boat costs Rs 100. The lake overlooks a quaint blue Protestant church, a little over a century old, that adds more beauty to this lake.

Machhindranath Cave

Machhindranath Gumpha or Cave is a natural formation that emerged from the mountain. Legend has it that Sage Machindranath used to meditate here and one have to crawl here to reach the spot where the sage  meditated.

Khadki point

A photographer's delight, Khadki point offers a panoramic view of the surrounding valley, Sunset Point and Lotus Lake. It is also a good trekking area.

Torna Devi Temple

Situated on a hilltop, this temple is only eight years old. But the temple has a black stone idol of Torna Devi, which placed outside the temple, which is believed to be of more than 600 years old.

Sita Khai

Situated just One and a half km away from Toranmal is a valley called Sita Khai where a magnificent gorge can see. A waterfall flows from here and it is beautiful during the monsoon. Sita Khai also has an echo point.

Forest Park & Medicinal Plant Garden : 

This is a small garden spread over an area of 0.2 Ha, wherein about 60 various species of medicinal plants have been raised for variety of purposes like demonstration, conservation and propagation. During the year 2000 almost all the medicinal plants in this medicinal plot are collected from the forests of Satpudas, majority being from Toranmal Range. This plot provides demonstration facility to the students from Colleges of Botany, Pharmacy and Ayurvedic Sciences. Forest Park is also popularly known as Toranmal Park. The park provides panoramic view of the lake water with dense woodland.

Check Dam: 

It is constructed on the waste wear of the Yashawant Lake. It acts as protection and guard-wall to the Yashawant Lake. It increases the water storage capacity of the lake by 25 crores of liters. The increased water level attracts the tourist during mansoon. Due to this structure, the landscape of lakeside is improved and enhanced the beauty. It adds to the aesthetic values of the lake.

Aawashabari Point: 

On the boundary of Madhya Pradesh, where one can watch deep valleys and panoramic view of mountains & Forest Rest House of Madhya Pradesh. The famous temple of Jalindranath and remains of the fort of Gond Raja are worth watching.

Seetakhai Point 1: 

It is an about 30 meter deep gorge on the Northeast side of plateau with eye-catching waterfalls. These can be seen flowing during rainy season only. During good rainfall year, water can be seen falling till the month of November. A barricade of pipes has been erected to facilitate safe and closer viewing of the waterfall. One pagoda is also erected here for the tourists by the Forest Department. The geological formation at this point is such that the sound produced facing the valley walls echoes and re-echoes three times.

Seetakhai Point 2: 

Deep valley point. One can watch Zarkal River and Seetakhai point 1. Monkeys (Rhesus macaque) are noticed here.

Kamal Talav ( Lotus Lake): 

This is a small pond on way to Seetakhai Point, deep lake with violet coloured lotus. It reflects colourful vision and attracts the tourists. It gets dried in the month of December.

Khadki Point:

This point is having wide scenario angle for watching small padas of khadki village, ranges of hillocks, sight view of Zarkal River.

Sunset Point: 

The spectacular view of the Sun's sign-off every evening where horizon looks colourful with amazing shades.

Aamdari Point 1: 

Having deep valleys and the vision extends through rising mountains.

Aamdari Point 2: 

Steep valleys, ideal for great views of mountains and valleys, for watching Aamdari Padas.

Children Park:

Situated on the bank of Yashawant Lake, equipped with 30 colourful varieties of equipments. The most favourite point for the Children.

Sat Payari ( Seven Steps ) View Point:

Near to Nagarjun temple in Sat Payari Ghat. The most thrilling experience to watch the deep valleys and rows of mountains. During rainy season the thick foggy cover in Sat Payari Ghat tempts tourists.

Machchhindranath Caves Point: 

It is one of the most significant places to visit. It is a deep, low height and narrow cave used by the ‘Nath’ sect saints in the past. It is still a place of worship for locals. It provides panoramic view of the southern side low-lying forest tract.

Nagarjun Point: 

A small temple of Nagarjun in cave with an ideal location near to Sat Payari viewpoint and mist mountains of Satpuda.

Torana Devi Temple :

It is situated on hillock with beautiful sight to watch all around the plateau. The tribals are having great trust in the Goddess.


The lowest temperatures in winter hovers around 10°C and the maximum temperature during summer hovers at around 32°C. The best time to visit Panhala is between October and May, after which the rain season starts.

Other Places of Interest

Some of the other hill stations like Toranmal Maharashtra which are worth visiting are: Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, Amboli, Chikhaldara, Igatpuri, Karjat, Khandala, Lavasa, Panchgani, Panhala, Malshej Ghat and Bhandardara.

Lotus Lake

Spread over an area of 41 sq km, the Lotus Lake is situated further down the northern part of the plateau in the same stream from Yashwant Lake. Locally known Kamal Talao, it is a natural lake derives its name from the fact that it is always covered with lotus flowers.

Toranmal Weather

Being perched by the hills, weather at Toranmal always remains pleasant.

Getting There

Air Nearest airport is Aurangabad.

Nearest rail head is Nandurbar, 76 kms on Surat-Bhusawal lime of Western Railway. A more convenient railhead is Dhule, 128 kms.

Mumbai-Toranmal via Dhule Shahada, 510 kms. Dhule-Toranmal, 128 kms. State Transport buses ply from Dhule, Nandurbar and Shahada to Toranmal.

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