Vellarimala Hill Station

Vellarimala is a mountain range in Kerala, India, spread across Thiruvambady Panchayat in Kozhikode district and Meppadi Panchayat in Wayanad district.

Vellarimala forms a part of a high hill range of what is otherwise known as Camel's Hump Mountains, a part of the Western Ghats. Most of the hill range falls in the Meppadi Forest Range of South Wayanad Division, with some parts falling in the Thamarassery Range of Kozhikode Division. They are semi-contiguous with Nilgiris or Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu, separated by the Chaliyar Valley. The plateau of Wayanad lies on the eastern slopes of these hills and merges gradually with the Mysore plateau. The hill ranges are accessible by foot from Muthappanpuzha, near Anakkampoyil, a small town about 50 km from Kozhikode. About 6 km by foot from Muthappanpuzha on the way to Vellarimala hills is the waterfall called Olichuchattam. It is situated 15 km from Thiruvambady. KSRTC Bus Services are available from Thiruvambady to Anakkampoyil and Muthappanpuzha. Swargam Kunnu is also situated here.Vellarimala - Swargam Kunnu - Olichuchattam - Marippuzha - Muthappanpuzha Trucking is available.Now road is available from Thiruvambady to Marippuzha.

This block of compact high mountains is floristically and faunistically similar to the Nilgiri Hills.

The tallest peak in this range is called Vavul Mala. At an altitude of 2339m, it is the tallest of the Western Ghats to the north of Nilgiri Hills.

Vellari Mala is an awe-inspiring landscape that demands attention with its magnetizing terrains, waterfalls, cascades, brooks and rocks. It is the sort of place trekkers and adventurists dream of but it is also a great picnic spot for a relaxing experience with family and friends. Vellari Mala is located near Thusharagiri in the Kozhikode district. It is 2050 meters above sea level and one of the highest mountain ranges in the region.

Vellari Mala is part of the popular Camel’s Hump Mountains of the Western Ghats. While a major portion of the hill range is in the South Wayanad forest range, some parts also belong to the Kozhikode Division of the Thamarasserry Range.
The meandering flow of the River Chaliyar through the rocky terrain of the hill range adds to the mystic beauty of the place by creating many waterfalls and cascades. It is guaranteed to act as a soothing balm for frayed nerves. The calming sight of green landscapes and the musical sound of water hitting the rocks makes tourists come back to relive the amazing experience.

The Best Eco-Tourism Experience
The eco-tourism experience that Vellari Mala offers is unique in many ways. The virgin beauty of nature, the clean, crystalline water and the cool, pleasant climate are indescribable and can be only experienced. The hill range is a great place for trekkers and rock climbers. The government, aware of the vast potential of Vellari Mala has taken innovative steps to further develop the place by offering all the facilities tourists need to have a great vacationing experience here.

Waterfalls and Landscape

The River Kanjirapuzha creates several waterfalls and streams in the region, complementing the green landscape. Dense vegetation covers the area, lending a green color to the environment. One will be surprised not to find the Shola grasslands on the Vellarimala top but there is a lot of foliage and the breeze is almost absent! A slow drizzle always graces this mountain range and rain can be encountered at any time in this region. Rain polished leaves gives the atmosphere, life and freshness. The post monsoon season is ideal for a trek to the Vellarimala peak. Enjoy Pazha Pori (Banana Fry) and tea, the local delicacy of the region while trekking along.

The following are the points one visits while trekking to the Vellimara Peak:

Olichuchattam Falls

15 kilometers from Thiruvambady and 6 kilometers from Muthappanpuzha, on the way to the Vellimara hills, one comes across the Olichuchattam waterfalls. The water takes a turn at the top and flows down the smooth rock surface. These falls are usually flooded during the monsoon season and have several small streams flowing nearby. Playing in the water of the falls is a refreshing experience; however the trek leading to them is not an easy task and full of blood-sucking leeches!

Kethan Paara

Kethan’s rock is what Kethan Paara literally means in the local kannada language. It is one of the highest points in Kerala state. The view of the valley below is mesmerizing. Masthakapara and an elephant’s trunk like slope are visible clearly from Kethan Paara. The trunk like slope is attached to the top of the mountain and resembles an elephant. One can find real wild elephants and bison roaming about in the jungles of the region, the proof of which would be fresh elephant dung lying around the path!

Damodaran Kolli

Damodaran Kolli is another water body in the region, with ice cold water flowing out of the rocks.

Vavul Mala

The tallest peak in the Western Ghats is Vavul Mala. A trek through the forests will lead one to the peak. One can encounter thick foliage and animal trails while trekking up. An overwhelming silence engulfs the trekker on the top of the peak.

A trek to the top of the Vellarimala Mountain can be a challenging one and only the toughest of trekkers usually make it easily to the top. Therefore, one needs to really gear up for such an experience!

How to Reach

By Road
You can reach from Muthappanpuzha by foot. It is a small town near Anakkampoyil, approximately 50 km from Kozhikode. Kerala Road Transport Corporation buses as well as private buses and cars are available from Kozhikode to Muthappanpuzha. There are jeeps and trucks available for Vellari Mala from here.

By Rail
The nearest railway station to Muthappanpuzha is Nilambur which is about 26 km.

By Air
The airport nearest to the place is Kozhikode International Airport which is 40 km away.

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