Yelagiri Hill Station

Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu Travel Guide : Yelagiri is beautiful hill town situated in Vellore district of the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The hill station is perched at the altitude of 1410 m and is adorned with exquisite lush green valleys, orchards and rose gardens. The hill town and surrounding region is mainly inhabited by tribal people whose main occupation includes agriculture and other allied business. Yelagiri hill station is major tourist place in the state and fascinates visitors by its serene environs, pleasant climate, exquisite natural surroundings and other places of attraction in and around it. Jalagamparai waterfall is major tourist attraction in Yelagiri. Gurgling water falling down from a good height is quite fascinating.

The waterfall is best seen during October to February when it has full load of water gushing down and presenting a mesmerizing experience to the visitors. Swami Malai Hill is another place of interest you can visit in Yelagiri. This cake like hill has strong base with its peak touching to the sky. Top of the peak offer the tourists amazing views of surrounding nature. This is the highest peak (4338 m) in Yelagiri. Javadi Hill, Palamathi hill are other majestic hills nearby the town of Yelagiri. Punganoor Lake is yet another interesting place in Yelagiri. It is artificial lake and offers a perfect picnic spot to the visitors. A garden situated near the lake adds the beauty to the place. Velavan Temple and Jalagandeeswarar Temple are some of the many places of worship you can visit near Yelagiri hill station. Yelagiri also presents the adventurous tourists several trekking trails. YMCA Camp Center is a nonprofit organization which provides the visitors accommodation, trekking and camp facilities.

Yelagiri experiences moderate temperature most time of the year. Its temperature varies from 18 to 34 degree Celsius in summer while it remains 11 to 25 degree Celsius in winter. November to March is the best time to visit Yelagiri hill station. Many state run buses and other private vehicles are available to reach Yelagiri from Bangalore Thruoather, Chennai and other cities and towns of Tamil Nadu and other nearby states. Jollarpettai is the closest rail head to Yelagiri and is well connected to other many cities and towns of the state and country. Jollarpettai is just 21 km away from Yelagiri. You can also fly to Bangalore and then move to Yelagiri by car or luxury bus. The airport of Bangalore is well linked by many flights to other major cities of the country.

Places to see in Yelagiri                                                                                                        

Punganoor Lake
It is an artificial lake and a popular landmark of the Yelagiri Hills. One can enjoy a serene ride on the lake by motor boat or pedal at this lake. There is a Mughal garden with slides and a miniature zoo for kid's entertainment and it has parking fees, camera fees and entry fees. There is another park called Nature Park near to this lake.

Jalagamparai Waterfalls
It is a quite and a peaceful area situated about 30 km from the town center. The River Attaru flows through the village of Jadaiyanoor resulting this beautiful waterfall. A very popular spot with locals, the waterfall's here are best to see during just after the monsoons (November to February) when the falls are at their best. But the waterfalls are little dry in the times of summers. About 1 hour trek is needed from the bottom of the Yelagiri hills.

Velavan Temple
Dedicated to Lord Murugan atop the hillock. At the entrance of the temple there is a gigantic statue of Gadothgajan (the son of Bheeman and Idumbi). It is possible to trek up to this temple. Local festivals are conducted here during the Tamil month of Adi (July - August).

Swamimalai Hill 
It is the highest peak at Yelagiri which offers good trekking routes through dense forests. Situated at 4,338 feet above the sea level, the 2 hour trekking starts at the eastern side of the Punganur lake. One can enjoy the breathtaking view of the valley from the top of Swamimalai hill. The trekking paths pass local farms growing fruits like pomegranate and custard apple.

Government Silk Farm 
The Government silk Farm also known as the Sericulture farm is famous for its mulberry plantations. It is located at place called Mangalam that is 5 km away.

Government Fruit Farm
Situated at Athanavur and Nilavur, these farms has variety of trees and plants that bear flowers of various fragrances and shapes.

Government Herbal Farm
Siuated near to Punganur lake, here herbs and shrubs are cultivated to produce the main ingredients for the manufacture of Sidha and Ayurvedic Treatments.

Telescope House
It is situated on the Ghat road for tourists, to glimpse the slopes and terrains of the hills. Near to this, there are temples dedicated to Tamil Annai, Vinayagar and Hanuman

Events / Festivals in Yelagiri
Summer Festival: The magnificent hill station celebrates the Summer Festival every year in May and June. In the event, one can enjoy the pleasure of folk dances as well as various types of cultural programmes. Main attendees are local village folk and people from nearby areas. This government-sponsored event aims to showcase the customs, traditions and culture of the tribal belonging to the areas that fall under Yelagiri Hills.

How To Reach Yelagiri Hill Station Tamilnadu:
» By Air: The nearest airport to Yelagiri are at Chennai and Bangalore, which are internationally connected to most cities of the world.

» By Road: From Jolarpettai, both buses and cabs are available, which regularly runs from Jolarpettai to Yelagiri. From Chennai, you can also reach to Yelagiri via road. It is just 4-5 hours drive from Chennai.

» By Rail: Jolarpettai railway junction is the closest railway station to Yelagiri. Best trains are Kovai Express, Brindavan Express and Intercity.

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