Hill Stations in Karnataka

Karnataka hill stations are one of the major attractions of Karnataka. From the breathtaking views of Chikmagalur to the quite retreats of Madikeri, from the stunning Coorg to the woody Biligiri, Karnataka hill stations have something for everyone. Some of these hill stations are also sites of historical and religious significance. But it is the tranquil and scenic beauty of the Karnataka hill stations that attract the visitors from all over the world.

Karnataka hill stations are largely located in the various ranges of the Western Ghat mountains. Each hill station is different from the other and provide great opportunities for the visitors to lose themselves in the serene lap of nature. There are forests and valleys, picturesque settings and tranquil mountain walks. Some of Karnataka's hill stations are very old and date back to the ancient times of Indian history. Some of them were favorite summer retreats for the Muslim and the British rulers, whereas some of them have been developed in the recent times. Together, they provide the perfect mountain experience to the visitors.

Most hill stations in Karnataka are located in and around the Baba-Budan range like Kermana Gundi. Chikmagalur is a popular hill town on the south of the magnificent Baba-Budan ranges. Kudremukh and Gangamoola are extremely popular hill stations in the Chikmagalur district. Hill stations close to the towns of Bangalore and Mysore include the Nandi Hills and the Bilirirangana Hills. The Coorg district in Karnataka is also famous for its hill stations. Madikeri is one of the most popular hill stations of Karnataka located in this region.

Nandi Hills:
The summer resort of Karnataka is only 60 kilometers from the capital city Bangalore. It was once one of the summer retreats of Tipu Sultan and favorite among the British too during British rule. Today, it is popular weekend destination among Bangaloreans. The Nandi hills are situated at the height of 1,143 meters and originating point of many rivers.

Kermana Gundi:
The peaceful and calm hills of Kermanagundi are perfect destination to spend some quality time with your beloved. The hill resort is located in the Tarikere Taluk of Chikmaglur district at the height of 1,434 meters above from the sea level.

This small hill town is located at the height of 1,525 meters above from the sea level. The stunning hills give breathtaking views of surroundings. The wide field of coffee plantation also attract with their green lush plants.

Biligiri Hills:
The beautiful hill station is situated only 120 kilometers form the Mysore and 247 kilometers from the Bangalore. The hills of Biligiri Hills are located between the Tungabhadra and the Cauvery rivers.

The hill station is situated only 95 kilometers from the Chikmaglur town of the state, named after the unique shape of the Kudremukh Peak.

The hill is covered by dense green forests, grassy slopes, mighty rivers, exuberant cascades and rare orchids.

The hills of Kudremukh are situated at the height of 1894 meters above from the sea level and provide wonderful trekking tracks for adventure lovers.

The beautiful town is situated in a lush green valley of the Babu-Bundan range. The wonderful hill town has many interesting attractions and some of them are Kondadarama Temple, The Jamia Mosque and new St. Joseph’s Cathedral.

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