Echo Point , Munnar

Located at a distance of 13 kms from Munnar the Echo Point is an exquisite place to visit. Visitors can hear their voice echoing through the reservoir and coming back reverberated at the Echo Point. It also lies on the banks of a beautiful river and is surrounded by lush green hills and evergreen trees.
The echo point is popular among trekkers and nature strollers as it is clustered around tea plantations, coffee and spice gardens. The velvety slopes and misty surroundings make the Echo Point an ideal picnic spot. Photographers can capture moments of serenity, calm and vibrancy at the Echo Point.
Another important feature of the Echo Point is the rare Neelakurinji (strobilanthes) which blooms here. A great experience at the Echo Point just becomes grand by the boating experience. Since the Echo Point is situated very close to Munnar it has the same climatic conditions and it is best to visit it after before and/or after Monsoon season.

The chirping and cooing of birds becomes crystal clear here and one can hear it in the bask of mist filled air. With all the green grasslands and various prospects of adventure sports the Echo Point is recognised amongst the attractive destinations near Munnar.

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