Lohaghat Hill Station

Lohaghat is an admired town situated in Champawati district of Uttaranchal state. Lohaghat is based on the banks of Lohawati River at an altitude of 1,706 m above sea level. This magnificent ancient town holds mythological and historical interest for many visitors and there are different sites to be seen around here. Lohaghat is known for its beautiful temples. Pilgrims gather in Lohaghat before visiting Advaita Ashram popularly known as Mayawati Ashram.

Lohaghat is spread over an area of 4.5 sq km. It is a tranquil hill station bosomed by sky high pine and oak trees. Lohaghat is all that you can ask for while looking for an ideal holiday destination.

Best Visiting Places

Mayawati Ashram
Mayawati Ashram is located among picturesque beauty. A large number of pilgrims from around the world visit this Ashram attracted by its spirituality. In 1898, during his visit to Almora, Swami Vivekaknand decided to shift the publication of ‘Prabuddh Bharat’ from Chennai to Mayawati. This ashram is also known as Advaita Ashram.

Vansaur Ka Kila
Vansaur Ka Kila is based at an elvation of 1,859 m above sea level. It is situated at a distance of 9 km from Lohaghat. The distance of 7 km of this road is motor able and the rest 2 km is done on foot. Legend has it that this spot was the capital of demon Vanasur, who was conquered by Lord Krishna in a skirmish combat.

Abbott Mount
Abbott Mount is perched at an elvation of 2018 m above sea level. The atmosphere of Abbott Mount is tranquil and peaceful. The natural beauty of this place is incomparable. It is located at a distance of 8 km from Lohaghat. The spot offers panoramic views of snow clad Himalayan peaks and let you indulge in the warmth of the tranquil environment.

Devidhura offers the package of splendid natural beauty and quaint environment. A holiday spent in this region is always remembered. There is a famous Varahi temple which holds high importance among the locals. There is a distinctive tradition of Bawal at this place, i.e. organized stone throwing between two groups, is practiced on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. The story “temple Tiger’ of the well known Jim Corbett is associated with Devidhura temples. Devidhura is also a hub for trekking enthusiasts. As it is an adventurous site for trekking and river rafting.

General Information
Location - Champawat District, Uttarakhand

Area - 4,005 sq. km

Total Population – 6,758

Altitude - 1859 m above sea level

Climate –

Summer – Max 19 C, Min 15 C

Winter – Max 8 C, Min 1 C

Languages – Kumaoni, Hindi, English

How to Reach
By Air: The nearest airport is Pantnagar at a distance of 160 km from Lohaghat.

By Train: The nearest Indian Railway Station is at a distance of 60 km from Lohaghat.

By Road: Delhi to Lohaghat – 400 km, Almora to Lohaghat-119 km, Haldwani to Lohaghat-149 km, Bageshwar to Lohaghat-156 km, Pithoragarh to Lohaghat-61 km, Nainital to Lohaghat-143 km.

Best time to Visit
The best time to visit Lohaghat is around the year. Tourists come and enjoy the best days of their lives in Lohaghat.

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