Nanda Devi Hill Station

This place was ruled by British in between 1805 and 1947, though the administrative centre of the British ruling region was Almora. This place was captured by the British after Anglo–Gurkha war. In this war Gurkhas were defeated and restricted to the back portion of Mahakali River. This place is still recognized as international border line till date.

After occupying this place, British carried on the searching of a good hilly spot to reside there during the hot summers as a relief from routine life. Another hill spot Binsar was discovered by the British. Main legends of administration of that period like, DM, Military Commander of that area, Superintendent of Police, Priest and Commissioner erected their residences and stayed there for a long time. Construction was very tough at this Hill Station. Furniture were carried from England and lastly on the back of Pitthhoos to the destination. The on foot journey had to carried out by Pitthhoos was 120 kilometers. This station was actually came into good existence in 1945.

At present and NGO named, Jan Jagaran Samiti running the State of the Art and Secondary health Care center and serving the local population of Kumaon region. A large organization of women involved in handloom job is known as Panchachuli Women Weavers. This organization is the largest most group of Uttarakhand. More than 750 workers are in his group. A hospital against the spread and prevention of Leprosy is also being run by this organization. In collaboration with the state government, this organization is going to start a Heart Surgery Center.

How to Reach
Three major ways of accessing this hill station are as under.
By Air
Nearest Aor strip is located at Jolly Grant. If one wants to attend the Nanda Devi Raj Jat  Yatra, he will have to report at Chamoli. Airport is located at 221 kilometers far away from hill station.
By Rail
Rishikesh is the nearest railway head.Various trains are available to Rishikesh.
By Road
By road connection to Nanda Devi is also rich as various cities of Uttaranchal are well connected with the hill station. Taxies, tourist cabs are easily available to Nanda Devi.

Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra is the only festival which celebrated with a zealous and religious zoom. This festival is last for three weeks. People from various parts of Uttaranchal participate in this historical festival. Now-a-days people from abroad are also seen participated in this festival. Main attraction of this yatra is a sheep having four horns. This yatra starts from Nauti place and ends in karnPrayag.
Weather and Climate
During summer the mean temperature of this area not crosses above 170C. In winters, the mercury shuttles between 20C to 140C. Summer period last from June to October.
Places to See
In this area, the best place of tourism is Hemkund Sahib.
Except Hemkund Sahib, Pauri is also the better place to visit. This city is located at just 55 kilometers away from Nanda Devi.
Another 13 places are also of good and attractive natural sight scenes which are under the circle of 64 kilometers. In all the places mentioned above, the most popular places are Jwalpadevi in the PauriDistrict and Yamunotri in Uttarkashi District.

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